ROUNDUP is the primary fundraiser for the Camp Lockett Event & Equine Facility (C.L.E.E.F.)  CLEEF 's primary mission is to preserve and promote the history of Camp Lockett, the U.S. Cavalry and the Buffalo Soldiers that were garrisoned there.

All revenue generated by ROUNDUP, above operating expenses, will be returned to the community. Through High School Scholarships, financial support to local nonprofits and similar activities.


We don't have a barn, yet.  But we can still have a dance.  Free Ranch Dance for the entire family in the arena from 4-8

Whether you're a competitor, spectator, horse enthusiast, history buff or just enjoy spending time with your neighbor, plan on spending May 4th at Camp Lockett Event & Equestrian Facility for this years Camp Lockett Roundup!